Glass in the Trees

Today we went to the Scottish National Gallery. It was filled with the works of many famous paintings including  and monet to name a few. While I was enjoying these works with my wife the reminded me of friend who died recently . It makes me sad that she’s dead. Not gone and with us in spirit. Dead. The English terminology is a bit strange because as Christians we believe that she is with God in heaven, but we recognize that she is dead. Death makes us feel a lot of things and we need to feel them. There are however truths that we can and need to pull from death.

First, that death is a consequence of sin. Genesis 3:1-19. Adam and Eve’s sin opened the flood gates of pain, decay, and distruction. The whole of the earth is affected by it. Our bodies are weak and decaying because of it. Our hearts and minds have been corrupted. Romans 1:29 and 3:10-12.

Second, that Christ has conquered death. So our hope can only be in Him. Romans 5:12-21. Christ, the Son of God, condescended to earth and was born of a virgin. Luke 1 and 2. Lives the perfect life and died in our place for our sin. Luke 15. Three days later rose from the dead, conquering death. 1 Corinthians 15:55-56.

For the Christian, death is an event in our lives that points us to the work of Christ. Not a christophony, mind you. But it reminds us that the shadow of the moment proves that there is light.


  1. Experiencing the Trinity by Joe Thorn. This book walks you through who the trinity is and the roles they play in our lives. I highly recommend this book.
  2. Go to Scotland
  3. Glass in the Trees by Dead Poetic. This song was the inspiration for the title of this post.



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