The ups and down of… my pint glass. Part 2. Galway and The Cliffs of Moher

We departed Dublin late. The jet lag and all the walking helped me sleep the most I had slept in a very long time. It was strange waking up feeling more refreshed than normal.

We arrived in Galway on a drizzly night. The weather at this point was about 40F and windy. Thankfully are hotel was at the end of the main row of shopping, pubs, and restaurants. We hopped a pub or two and ended up at a pub called “The Front Door”. We found a corner both and stayed there for several hours. Definitely the latest night we had. Most because of the pub, partly because of the super bowl. Go Falcons (too late or too soon?)! The corner both was what we all seemed to need. It wasn’t too quiet, it wasn’t too loud. It was 20 feet from the bar to the table and we laughed the night away.

We woke up late again. Mostly because I set my alarm for PM and not AM. So we grabbed a late breakfast and headed to The Cliffs of Moher. It was about a 2 hour drive. It would have been shorter if we didn’t have to use the roundabouts. Man, I hate those things… The cliffs we breath taking. It was the middle of the afternoon and sunny. We could see all the way down the cliffs for at least a mile. The sun was coming through the clouds so we weren’t blinded by it. It was something I hope I never forget.

Our last night we hit one pub and ate at a pub called “The Quays”. We were all tired and realizing that we were parting ways the next day. We have all missed Ireland I think. It was great having close friends experience places around the world with you. It’s a bond that ties you together for the rest of your life.



  1. Travel with friends. I don’t mean people you think you like.
  2. Burn all roundabouts
  3. Jury’s Inn in Galway located at Quay St, Galway, Ireland. No number in front of the street. Strange and true.
  4. The Front Door located at 8 Cross Street Upper, Galway, H91 YY06, Ireland
  5. Tigh Neachtain located at 17 Cross Street, Galway, Ireland

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