The Babylon Bee and how I will change the world…

The Babylon Bee, is christian new satire. Much like The Onion or any of the late night news shows on Comedy Central. The whole premise of The Babylon Bee is to poke fun at christian stereo types, pop culture, and some things that some christians take a little too seriously.

The titles are short, the content is easy to read, and my family and I have laughed over 2 of the quizzes. On occasion, the writer(s) will write an article that hits close to home. Taking an issue that I’ve been working over for years and calling out (for lack of a better term) the same issues that have caused distress and concern over the years. The issue is worship. Meaning how we worship God in the context of the week and how we gather together on Sunday to worship (click here for the article that inspired today’s post). Some would expect me to start talking about the regulative principle vs. the normative principle. I’m not saying that these things are not important, but I’d rather talk about the heart behind be sharing these Babylon Bee articles.

While I generally share them for entertainment purposes, I can’t help but post some of the articles out of anger. Part of me does hope that some people will see the error of their ways and have a moment where they start reconsidering the way they do things or perhaps start a conversation about the topic that leads to growth on both sides. But most of my motivation is anger. While this is could be a good outcome, it isn’t very likely to happen because I’m just hitting “Share” or “Retweet”. I am also not suggesting a meaningful discuss or setting up a platform for said discussion.

So in my passivity, I have done a few things. I have not actually dealt with the issue. I have actively avoided creating opportunities for good discussion, creating distance between myself and the people I should be talking to directly.

Lastly, let me say that I don’t think you should avoid posting things on social media. It’s what I’m doing right now. I also think its important to have opinions and be able to back them up. At the same time, we need to check your heart when it comes to why you’re posting certain things. Just some thoughts to think. But please share this….


  1. The Babylon Bee Laugh at yourself.
  2. Check yourself
  3. Share this shallow blog…

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