The ups and downs of… my pint glass. Part 1. Dublin

One of the lands of my heritage and somewhere I’ve wanted to go since I went to college, the second time (maybe the third). We had talked with some friends about it and decided to meet them there. We arrived in Dublin February 3rd and meet our friends in the city center. Which was a great spot because you can walk pretty much everywhere. We dropped our bags and started walking.

I am tempted to bore you with the details every bite we ate and street we saw. But something I found fascinating was how diverse the city was. Listen to the different languages and accents as we walked down the streets was refreshing to me. It’s good for a person to be reminded, especially Americans I think, that the world is much bigger than them. Also I found it refreshing to be in a culture that has an identity. There were chain restaurants and stores of course. But there was a sense of “This is who we are.” everywhere you were.

The first pub we went to was The Brazen Head. I honestly don’t remember too much of it because I was so tired from no being able to sleep on the plan. But I do remember it being warm and quiet. My kind of pub. The next day we walked for miles, just exploring the city. My wife and I parted way’s with our friends in the afternoon. We had lunch at Leo Burdock in Temple Bar. Delicious fish and chips joint. It was a nice place to take a rest from walking and when you left you were still close to everything. Something that caught my eye was the mix of modern stores in old building. No one had torn down the old buildings to build new shiny ones. They just did some remodeling to fit the needs of whatever was going in the space. This is something that I wish we could do here. But when you live in an area that is tearing down tree to put up new (and cheap) buildings for another chain store. It’s hard to remember how old the world is.

The Guinness Factory was underwhelming until you got to the top. The top is a bar with a 360 degree view of Dublin. I had actually lost my ticket to get my pint of Guinness at the top. Amanda (my wife), was gracious enough to share her’s with me as we fought to find a place to look out the window. It was crowded. But worth it.

Lastly, My favorite pub in Dublin. As you walk East on R137 you will see in the sidewalk a mosaic sign that points you down a small ally way. When you exit the ally way. The Stags Head will be on your left. You walk in and everything dark wood, booths, and bar stool. Friendly, warm, and somewhere where I was we had spent more time. My mental and emotional state was worn out at this point. So I was kind of everywhere. The main bar was crowded so we went upstairs. Where I looked at the bar tender, held up a 2 with my left hand, he said 10 euro and poured 2 pints of Guinness. It did turn out to be a lovely evening.

In closing, I enjoyed Dublin. However I feel like there is a still a lot I didn’t see. So I guess we’ll have to go back. It will be easier the next time, I will have a feel of the city and won’t be trying to learning everything for the first time.



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  2. The Stags Head. Located at 1 Dame Ct. Dublin, Ireland. Just go.

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